Saturday, September 18, 2010


Just got home from Seattle! It was short, but we squeezed a lot in. The last place we ate before coming home was Highline, and I am sure glad that we didn't miss this place. Their menu is all vegan and seriously mouth-watering. I got The Santa Fe: housemade burger patty, chipotle aioli, avocado, tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms and onions, and Jon got The Howie: soy ham, tempeh bacon, vegan cheddar and tomatoes. Quite a few wraps, salads, sandwiches and appetizers. Also note that this is a bar; they have an air hockey table, a pool table, a dancefloor, a pinball table, a PHOTOBOOTH and they are open late (2am)!

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The Santa Fe

The Howie

Location: 210 Broadway E Seattle, Washington 98102
(between John St & Olive Way, in Capitol Hill)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Anniversary Inn

I know this is my blog all about food, but I have to share with you my FAVORITE hotel, The Anniversary Inn! My mom took me on a tour of this charming hotel with awe-inspiring themed rooms almost 7 years ago and ever since I have been so eager to stay here and never had the chance...

When Jon and I were visiting Salt Lake in January, I took him on a tour of The Anniversary Inn and I think he got the hint of how much I loved this place because he booked us a room when we were there last weekend! Our room was the Rio Grande, train-themed and super cute! If you have a second, go to their website and take a fun look for yourself of this captivating place!

Rio Grande



continental breakfast

my favorite room: Sultans Palace

you sleep on an elephant!

My favorite location: 460 South 1000 East Salt Lake City, Utah 84102

Saturday, September 4, 2010

World of Coca-Cola

If you're on the strip in Las Vegas (or Disneyworld, I hear) and looking for something cheap and fun to do, you should swing by the Coca-Cola store and try the "Taste of the World" trays. For about $8, you get 16 samples of Coca-Cola products from all over the world (you can also get the Float Variety tray, if you are feeling less adventurous).

Out of said 16 samples, I only liked the Smart Watermelon from China and Jon only liked the Bibo Kiwi Mango from South Africa, the rest were very unexpected flavors, some of which were hard to choke down, haha. I will say, sip cautiously and watch out for the Sunfill Mint and Beverly!

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BEFORE we tried...

AFTER we tried...

Location: 3785 S Las Vegas Boulevard Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
(across from the New York New York)

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Salt Lake City was a wonderful time as always! I must share with you a new favorite spot... Meditrina, a casual and artistic small plate and wine bar (also known as "tapas"). My mom's name is Trina and when she heard of it a few months back, she had to try it. Lucky for us, my mom has great taste in food.

We got to Meditrina as soon as they opened (11:30am). I love having the option of sitting outside, so we grabbed a table on the patio and skimmed the menu. Our waitress was very friendly and helpful, with a cute name tag made from Scrabble pieces. Come to find out, an old friend was one of the Chefs and this even more so put my experience over the top. Between the three of us, we split 5 exquisite small plates and 2 desserts, the perfect amount and a great combination of eclectic and tasteful food.

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First, we started with the Basilico

Second, we ordered the Patatas Bravas

Undoubtedly, I had to try the Parmesan Bruléed Artichoke

My mom then insisted on the Grilled Granny Smith Salad

And a Cheese and Fruit Plate

Lastly, two orders of the Bruléed Bananas with Nutella Mousse

Thanks mom!

Location: 1394 South West Temple Salt Lake City, Utah 84115
(across the street-southwest-of the ballpark)