Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blowfish Shoes Giveaway


With summer here, comfy flats or sandals are the way to go. I have a pair of the Nice flats from Blowfish and I love them! The color is on point and absolutely perfect when I was looking for a pair of nude shoes, plus they go with just about everything! Blowfish is offering one lucky reader a chance to win their choice of flats!

dress: forever 21
belt: forever 21
shoes: c/o blowfish
bubbles: toys r us

Mandatory entry:

Visit Blowfish, check out their shoes, and leave a comment letting us know what your favorite pair is!

::please include your email address with each entry, as we will be contacting you via email if you win!::

Bonus entries:

- Tweet about the giveaway using this: "win a pair of @blowfishshoes for the summer on @ainsjfox blog!" (1 entry)

- Post a link to this giveaway either on your own blog, Tumblr or Facebook and leave a link to the entry or status update in your comment (1 entry)

- Follow Blowfish Shoes on Twitter or like them on Facebook (1 entry)

Good luck and I'll be drawing one lucky winner at random next Friday, July 8th at 8pm!

Monday, June 27, 2011

monday funday

One of the perks of having a job with no set schedule is you never really get the case of the Mondays! It's exciting having various days off and sometimes not having two days off in a row is fine by me, it's like having two mini workweeks in one!

Jon owed me breakfast so this morning we strolled over to The Mission to devour some delicious Papas Con Soyrizo.

Since we have zoo passes I felt like roaming around and finally (after years of waiting) got to see my very first Slow Loris! I saw this video a couple years ago and have since been on the prowl at every zoo I visit to find them. Every time we visit in San Diego it is the first area we hit and they are always hidden/asleep. Luckily the zoo keeper was feeding the little guy grapes and bananas when we got there, so so adorable! I wish I could have snapped a photo, but the glare on the glass was too bad. But look at this guy!

By 2pm it was blazing hot outside, so we grabbed my favorite--shaved ice! I'm all about Tigers Blood for those of you who don't personally know me, but this time I screwed up and got half blue raspberry, never again.

Now I'm off to start this book and hang out with this beaut, happy Monday!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

what's in my... fridge

Some of my most favorite entries by other bloggers have been the posts showing around where they live (here's mine) or what's inside their bags, it's a fun way of getting a little virtual peek into each others lives. This time around I wanted to share... my fridge!

Having a stocked and full fridge makes me a happy camper.

Freezer must-haves: edamame, pizzas, ice cream, apple blossoms and french fries. I also like to have numerous types of fake meats/chick'n, some rice, french onion soup and a couple frozen dinners (in this case: Amy's cheese enchiladas).

Fridge must-haves: DRINKS, all sorts of drinks: water, Sprite, Hansen's cherry vanilla creme soda, creme soda, root beer, Gatorade, soy milk, rice milk, coconut water, Simply raspberry lemonade, cran-peach juice, Dole orange pineapple banana juice, Newman's Own lemonade and various Coffee Mate's for our coffee. I also like to have the option of a million different condiments (yes, that is a dish full of Del Scorcho on the top shelf). I always like to have a few types of cheese and as for fruits and veggies: raspberries, artichokes, tomatoes and carrots are some of the necessities.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Foodie Friday: '11 San Diego County Fair

I love fairs! Who doesn't?! Rides, food, shopping, food, people-watching, food, music, food, games, food, photobooths and local animals, art and gardening! Jon and I took Tuesday off to go to the San Diego County Fair. I chose Tuesday in particular because it's Taste of the Fair Tuesday and every food vendor has an item for $2. Instead of getting 2 or 3 large things (pretty much all you have room for), we got a bunch of samples that in my opinion was just the right amount of food.

Fried everything! This is America, where it's a race to be fat and unhealthy:

$2 fried garlic artichoke hearts (I'm not big on fried foods, but this was a must-have for obvious reasons):

$2 slice of cheese pizza:

$2 cinnamon roll:

$2 birthday cake Dippin Dots:

one bite of a $2 Australian battered potato with cheese and hot sauce:

Jon talked me into getting a blooming onion because I'm always talking about them. I ended up giving 90% of it away to two girls because it was just TOO much fried food at once:

Have you gone to the Fair yet this year? If you live in Southern California and you're planning on visiting the San Diego County Fair, make sure to get discounted tickets ($11) at Albertsons and park for free at the Horse Park less than a mile away from the fairgrounds, with free shuttles on double decker buses!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

salt city/portland: part 3

After being the last person on the stand-by list to get on the flight home from PDX, by Monday night I was back to my Opa's safe and sound. Up to this point in my vacation I wasn't able to sleep for more than an hour or two at a time, but I slept like a baby Monday night, so well it was worth blogging about. ;)

Tuesday: best frozen chai = Java Jo's

Had lunch with my friend Dallas and his two kitties, Frankie and Max.

Headed to the west side to spend the evening with my mama and little brother.

Violin practice.

Violin clip.

Gettin' crazy.

BBQ for dinner.

Kyle's pink flamingo for bath time.

Love Ricky Gervais.

Spitz has a run for its money.

Monday: Vertical Diner with Josh for breakfast.

Biscuits n gravy with potatoes, tofu scramble and cheez sauce.

We sat on a booth with a subwoofer under it, which you could adjust.

I will do all the morning Jumbles!

Another one bites the dust.

Crown Burger for lunch. Best garden burgers, I ate mine before I could snap a picture, oops!

G-ma's homemade chili for dinner, yum!

Still a little sad that I didn't get any photos with my mom, opa or g-ma. But at least I scored with a plethora of food!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

salt city/portland: part 2

My bestie Jen (blonde Jen as I usually mention her) got buddy passes through her mom and we took a short, spur of the moment vacation to Portland/Vancouver while I was visiting Salt Lake. We left Saturday night and were home within 48 hours, but what a fun 48 hours we had!

Saturday: picked this little guy up and hit the SLC Downtown Farmers Market.

Bleeding hearts in the front yard I grew up in.

Vanilla cookie with marzipan filling and pine nuts from RubySnap.

Headed out to go 4wheeling (or quad running as my opa likes to call it)

Stopped at the Beehive Cheese Co., holy yum!

Dinner at Roosters with Jen before heading to the airport.

Sunday: welcome to Portland!

Strawberry Daiquiri Fairy Floss from the Portland Farmers Market.

Met up with my gorgeous friend Amber.

Being obvious tourists, we had to grab Voodoo Doughnuts. 30+ minutes in their "new/larger" building and the line was still out the door/around the corner. All the doughnuts had funky names, but no definition of what they actually were.

Obligatory postcard that I had to get for Jon, isn't it cute?!

Vita Cafe for dinner. Best hot wings I've had the pleasure of eating. I've been on the hunt for vegetarian soul food/southern comfort and it has been a struggle. Luckily Vita had a chick'n fried steak with almond gravy, but I got their awesome fries instead of mashed potatoes.

Sunday: acai bowls for breakfast, look at all that granola!

Quick pit stop at H&M since Jen doesn't have one in Salt Lake... love this shirt!

Walked to DC Vegetarian food cart. Unfortunately we only got to visit one food cart, but you could eat for a week straight in Portland just at food carts! I got the steak and cheese sub, it was amazingly full of flavor and huge to boot, I couldn't even finish the whole thing! I did not expect their handmade seitan to be as good as it was, so incredibly yummy that it is by far my new favorite sub. I also love that they offer their subs either in a sandwich (bread) or in a box (no bread), saves money on using boxes.

Goodbye beautiful North West!