Monday, April 30, 2012

Viva México

After living in San Diego for over three years, I finally visited Mexico for the first time in the existence of Ainsley. Luckily I had my most adventurous boys, Eddy and Isaiah, to drive down with...

Oh, Rosarito

What was Isaiah thinking?

Magnets and finger puppets

Friday, April 27, 2012

Foodie Friday: Fortune Cookie Factory

Hands down, my favorite part of my most recent trip to San Francisco was seeing the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory. Even though a part of me felt a little bad (like I was taking pictures of a cookie sweatshop), it was something I couldn't miss.

Nestled in a small alley on the busy streets of Chinatown, you can smell the aroma of fresh cookies as you walk by. Within a few steps of entering you're immediately greeted with a flat, unshaped cookie hot off the press. A few more steps in and you can see fortune cookies being made right in front of you! Each soft, hot cookie is pressed, a fortune is placed inside and folded over a carved out metal sheet that shapes the cookies... all done by hand!

No one speaks English and you must pay $0.50 to take pictures. Cesar and I emptied our entire pockets into their bucket and snapped a few. I bought a bag of cookies and after which the cutest little old man gave us each a piping hot, freshest made fortune cookie.

annnnnd a little video I found on YouTube, so cool!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I left my heart in March: San Francisco (part 3)

After a kind of funny story, I ended up in San Francisco last month with zero plans & in the tiny arms of my loveliest friend Brittney. I owe a great weekend to her & her boyfriend Jeremiah, thanks for the adventures guys!

Water in a can? Luna Park for dinner as soon as I got in Much needed after eating shit thanks to San Francisco trolley tracks ...seriously, they were no joke... Marin Headlands, I love you Bi Rite! Salted caramel & brown sugar with ginger caramel swirl Holey Bagel for breakfast Jalapeño cheddar bagel with sun dried tomato cream cheese spread Crissy Field, bay bound B! Beachside on the most perfect day in San Francisco Vegetarian sloppy joe from Greenburger's Boogaloos for breakfast Vegetarian biscuit and gravy, two eggs and homefries Just below Twin Peaks, what a view Super secret spot A little mid-day peep show, oh dear Potato, pesto and garlic pizza at Escape from New York Pizza My trip was so wild! By the end of it I arrived at the airport two hours early (thanks delayed flight & neurotic behavior) & as I'm walking to my gate I see another flight boarding to San Diego. I asked if I could get on & they squeezed me in! Eight minutes until take off AND empty seats for dayzzzz.