Monday, September 6, 2010

Anniversary Inn

I know this is my blog all about food, but I have to share with you my FAVORITE hotel, The Anniversary Inn! My mom took me on a tour of this charming hotel with awe-inspiring themed rooms almost 7 years ago and ever since I have been so eager to stay here and never had the chance...

When Jon and I were visiting Salt Lake in January, I took him on a tour of The Anniversary Inn and I think he got the hint of how much I loved this place because he booked us a room when we were there last weekend! Our room was the Rio Grande, train-themed and super cute! If you have a second, go to their website and take a fun look for yourself of this captivating place!

Rio Grande



continental breakfast

my favorite room: Sultans Palace

you sleep on an elephant!

My favorite location: 460 South 1000 East Salt Lake City, Utah 84102


  1. i don't really have any interest in going to SLC... except now i want to stay at this hotel!!

  2. slat lake is so beautiful! you won't regret it if you ever do happen to go...

  3. Super cute! :) And those slices of cheesecake look DIVINE. Que rico!