Monday, January 30, 2012

5 restaurants, 3 museums, 2 days, 1 city

This weekend I drove up to Los Angeles for a short stay full of many adventures with an old friend. Since I've always wanted to visit The Getty, LACMA and Griffith Observatory, I figured why not cram everything into 24 hours, right? Wrong. It was a lot fun, but I was a bit overwhelmed and tuckered out by the end of it. Word to the wise, give yourself time, like an entire day for each museum.

Friday: Upon my arrival we grabbed some dinner at Fred 62 and a Dole Whip before heading to The Griffith Observatory. The lookout was incredible and the city was at its most beautiful. We saw the "Centered in the Universe" star show in the dome, which was a lot of fun (although nothing tops the old Hansen Planetarium in Salt Lake City) and this crazy guy sitting next to us was a hater of noise and movement because every time we ever so slightly budged, he would snap his fingers! It was incredibly annoying and I almost lost my shit, but the museum was a hit nonetheless. Pizza was on the agenda immediately after, Garage Pizza you're not so bad.

fred 62 : hippie sandwich, cutest ever

dole whip : vanilla with cookie dough

Saturday: We woke bright and early and headed out to breakfast at Millie's Cafe then two quick trips to The Getty and LACMA. The Getty is huge guys, like I'm not sure you could even do the entirety of this place in just one day. The lookout here was also pretty breathtaking, loved that you could see the valley, the Hollywood sign and the ocean. I admired all the photography exhibitions, especially Carrie Mae Weems series From Here I Saw What Happened and I Cried. After we headed straight to LACMA, this was probably my favorite part of the trip. All of the contemporary and modern art was my favorite.

There was no question that dinner would be at Doomie's, a vegetarian/vegan establishment I've wanted to try for a couple of years and it was nothing short of amazing (food posts coming soon, I swear!). By this time it was getting dark and my hopes of finding Judge Judy's star on the Hollywood walk of fame was looking grim, so we drove up to the Hollywood sign. It was kind of surreal to see it THAT up close as you always see it in movies or even driving around the valley. The houses up that way are amazing, I could drive around looking at houses all day.

veggie benedict with vegan sausage, grilled tomato and the best shredded hash browns

the getty gardens

black ladybug!


zodiac heads

Overall the trip was exactly what I needed, a little break from life and a solid 24 hours filled with adventure.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

link love v.20

I absolutely need this vintage steamer in my life.

Whoa, cool technique for chopping onions.

Cute lace leggings.

A good little reminder of 30 things to stop doing to yourself. Take note, Ainsley.

An outfit that was made for me.

Tiny houses = ♥

These mini block polaroid albums are awesome.

DIY red velvet cupcakes in a jar.

So odd, but I love it, the invisible mother.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Foodie Friday: Pappalecco

All the places I'm always passing that catch my attention, but go the longest without trying, are the spots I look back on and wonder what the hell was I thinking and why didn't I try this sooner?! Pappalecco is one of those places, a totally cute cafe with a plethora of gelato choices, all listed in Italian so you know it's authentic. They also have a full blown menu that I didn't know existed. This time we only popped in for some gelato, but I'm anxious to go back for some bruschetta and a salad or panini.

I'm a firm believer and will continually reiterate that service is a MAJOR contribution to a good dining experience. The food is obviously close second, but having good service really determines my quickness on returning. This place was nothing short of friendly. After asking what two or three of the flavors were, as I'm not sure what "Straciatella" or "Fragola" means in Italian, I asked the guy "how many times per day would you say you get asked what each flavor is?", his response "too many to count, but I love it!" That upbeat attitude was fantastic, and when I asked him what his favorite flavor was he quirkily responded "it's a secret", then of course proceeded to tell me all about the cioccolato fondente (dark chocolate).

I had to try the Nutella (duh!) and it was deeeelicious. If I could virally share with your taste buds, I would.

Location #1: 3650 5th Avenue San Diego, California 92103
Neighborhood: Hillcrest

Location #2: 1602 State Street San Diego, California 92101
Neighborhood: Little Italy

Monday, January 9, 2012

A snowless Salt Lake Christmas

I've been a total slacker, but I'm finally getting around to an update of my trip home for Christmas, the first in four years!

My holidays were the most uneventful, so I was glad to be with family for a few days in December. I was terribly glum that it wasn't a winter wonderland, in fact Salt Lake has been MAJORLY lacking in snowfall this winter, but hopefully one day I will have my white Christmas...

One of the houses I grew up in. Sugarhouse Park, isn't that the most adorable?

Evergreen's resurrection... Golden Phoenix.

Totally in love with my Opa's new fridge!

Dinner and a movie with my two favorite ladies.

The Grinch: tomato, basil and balsamic vinaigrette in a sushi roll? Amazing.

My favorite cheesecake on Earth.

My contribution to the white elephant party.

Fire opal SOAP that I bought for my grandma, in love.

Making cookies for Santa Claus.

Christmas dinner with my mom: mahi mahi and wild rice.

Gift to myself since my fancy black polaroid was stolen.

This little mama was so happy to have me home.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Foodie Friday: Fruit Dip

Okay, so my grandma makes this really amazing dip that I had no freaking clue what it could possibly be. Lo and behold, these three simple ingredients pack so much delicious flavor when combined and you can dip practically anything in it for a tasty treat!

What you will need:

1 cup brown sugar
1 tub cream cheese (8 oz.)
1 tablespoon vanilla

Oh! And don't forget, this can easily be made vegan by using Tofutti cream cheese!


In a bowl (larger than this one, I didn't realize how much stirring was involved) blend together the three ingredients until smooth. Voila!

My favorite thing to dip... Apples!