Monday, November 22, 2010

Hobo Dinners

I've been wanting to toss some food into foil and throw it into a beach fire pit
since I first moved to California. I'm used to making them in the Mountains
over a campfire in Utah, so it was only fitting that while my mom was visiting
in September, that we would make hobo dinners at the beach!

Whether you live in a mountainous area or near a beach, you have no
excuses to NOT make this delicious, melt-in-your-mouth, and not to
mention fun dinner.

You will need:
tin foil (and plenty of it)
stick of butter
meat of your choice
we used: morning star sausage patties (crumbled)
vegetables of your choice
we used: carrots, potatoes, zucchini, mushrooms, onion, garlic
salt and pepper/spices to taste

For the fire:
lighter fluid

side note: fires take a while to get started, this is a meal that takes time and patience

Don't forget to bring:

click photos to make bigger!

1. Cut fairly square pieces of tin foil. You will need two squares per person
(Keep in mind that you will be stuffing it full of veggies/meat)

2. Generously butter tin foil

3. Add meat and full cloves of peeled garlic

4. Add all your veggies, spices and a lot of butter

5. Fold in half and wrap up tightly

6. Place inside other piece of tin foil (this is to help if anything leaks)

7. Mark with a sharpie your name or initials since everyone's hobo
dinner will be different and filled to their liking!

8. Wrap it up once more

9. Pack your dinners up and head to the fire pit

10. Be safe and carefully start a fire. Make sure to use logs, matches,
charcoal and lighter fluid

11. Once you get your fire nice and hot, throw in your hobo dinners

12. Cook for about an hour. Check one before you take them all out to ensure that the
veggies/meat are cooked thoroughly



  1. we just make these in the oven instead... but yum!! <3

  2. i've never had them in the oven! i'm sure they're easier to make, but these are so much fun and taste so so good over an open flame :)

  3. omg why have I never thought of this before! amazing idea! haha looks tasty!<3

  4. Hello! I just joined your blog. I am a baking/cooking nerd so I am looking forward to new recipes!

  5. that looks delicious and a lot of fun to make!!!