Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tam's Thai

I've been itching for Thai and my friend insisted we grab Tam's Thailand Food...

Tam's is ran by an older lady, who pretty much runs everything by herself. Unfortunately, Tam was out and her daughter was the only one there when we arrived. She was super nice and even though she was the only waitress/cook/cashier, she kept a positive attitude, chit-chatted and made us feel really welcomed.

We ordered to share, two appetizers: potato curry egg rolls and veggie fried rice, and one entree: spicy thai basil tofu with vegetables. The potato curry egg rolls were magnificent and like nothing I have had elsewhere. The veggie fried rice was full of delicious vegetables and spiced just right. Up to this point, everything tasted Chinese (don't get me wrong, I LOVE Chinese), but I was excited for the entree we ordered in hopes that it would be spicy and fulfill my Thai craving... buuuut the check came before the entree did. I felt bad for our waitress/cook/cashier who must have misunderstood or had too much on her hands. Since the appetizers were bigger than we expected, we passed on the entree. I will definitely be back because of the hospitality, but I hope (for their sake) there is at least one other person around when that time comes.

potato curry egg rolls

veggie fried rice

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Location: 3456 Adams Ave San Diego, California 92116
(between Hawley Blvd & Mansfield St)
Normal Heights

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