Friday, January 13, 2012

Foodie Friday: Pappalecco

All the places I'm always passing that catch my attention, but go the longest without trying, are the spots I look back on and wonder what the hell was I thinking and why didn't I try this sooner?! Pappalecco is one of those places, a totally cute cafe with a plethora of gelato choices, all listed in Italian so you know it's authentic. They also have a full blown menu that I didn't know existed. This time we only popped in for some gelato, but I'm anxious to go back for some bruschetta and a salad or panini.

I'm a firm believer and will continually reiterate that service is a MAJOR contribution to a good dining experience. The food is obviously close second, but having good service really determines my quickness on returning. This place was nothing short of friendly. After asking what two or three of the flavors were, as I'm not sure what "Straciatella" or "Fragola" means in Italian, I asked the guy "how many times per day would you say you get asked what each flavor is?", his response "too many to count, but I love it!" That upbeat attitude was fantastic, and when I asked him what his favorite flavor was he quirkily responded "it's a secret", then of course proceeded to tell me all about the cioccolato fondente (dark chocolate).

I had to try the Nutella (duh!) and it was deeeelicious. If I could virally share with your taste buds, I would.

Location #1: 3650 5th Avenue San Diego, California 92103
Neighborhood: Hillcrest

Location #2: 1602 State Street San Diego, California 92101
Neighborhood: Little Italy


  1. When I was in Romania, I ate stracciatella everyday! I was so excited when I found this place because there's is fantastic! I tried so many before this that were nothing but disappointment.

    1. aww yay! well i'm glad you loved it... i really liked this place.

  2. oh boy, gelato gets me every. time. SO good.