Monday, January 9, 2012

A snowless Salt Lake Christmas

I've been a total slacker, but I'm finally getting around to an update of my trip home for Christmas, the first in four years!

My holidays were the most uneventful, so I was glad to be with family for a few days in December. I was terribly glum that it wasn't a winter wonderland, in fact Salt Lake has been MAJORLY lacking in snowfall this winter, but hopefully one day I will have my white Christmas...

One of the houses I grew up in. Sugarhouse Park, isn't that the most adorable?

Evergreen's resurrection... Golden Phoenix.

Totally in love with my Opa's new fridge!

Dinner and a movie with my two favorite ladies.

The Grinch: tomato, basil and balsamic vinaigrette in a sushi roll? Amazing.

My favorite cheesecake on Earth.

My contribution to the white elephant party.

Fire opal SOAP that I bought for my grandma, in love.

Making cookies for Santa Claus.

Christmas dinner with my mom: mahi mahi and wild rice.

Gift to myself since my fancy black polaroid was stolen.

This little mama was so happy to have me home.


  1. Even without snow, it looks like you had a wonderful holiday season with those you love!

  2. There she is.

    I want a grinch roll!

  3. What street is that house on? I think we were neighbors!

  4. Alex, that house was on Chadwick.

  5. An odd place to put this, but.. I found these and thought of you.

  6. Here, there, anywhere. I need those in my life!

  7. Your blog is adorable. I love all these pics. And your cat has the same name as my husband... LOL.

  8. Looks like you had a great time!!! Everything looks so delicious!

  9. Amazing pictures. I can't wait till Android comes out with instagram. I have it on my itouch but I don't get to update every second of the day. Anyways, you have such a cute kitty. If you ever want to advertise your blog on mine, let me know. I have a Meowsday feature where bloggers get to feature their lovely cats and I am interested in featuring your cat<333

    Mary from

  10. you're so cute. that sushi-basically the bruschetta one- i need that in my life. i can't even imagine how delish that was. i'm on a hunt to find that ORRR try and make it. and by that, i mean probably a mess. a yummy mess.

  11. great photos I also love that massive fridge! :) xx alice.

  12. You just might have the best eyebrows on the internet. Just FYI ;)

  13. oh, somehow i missed this post?! 1. how was golden phoenix? danny is doubtful. 2. i have been to the belgian waffle SO many times, and seeing that photo of you and your opa there just flooded me with so many memories. 3. i LOVE the pic of you and your lil' brother. perfect.