Friday, July 20, 2012

Foodie Friday: Slappy Cakes

When I went to Portland last summer the one place I wanted to visit and didn't have time for was one of the first destinations on my list this time around.

Slappy Cakes offers a totally unique and fun way of going out for breakfast. Aside from having a full service breakfast menu, they have griddles built into each table where you make your own pancakes right at your seat!

Basically you choose your made-from-scratch batter (multiple choices including gluten-free and vegan), any sweet or savory add-ins from their lengthy list of fixins and all sorts of toppings/syrups. Not only was customizing so much fun, it was an awesome experience getting to make your cakes.

Each bottle of batter makes 6-8 pancakes, so Katherine and I shared a batch. We chose the whole grain batter (this one's vegan!), chocolate chips, walnuts and bacon for the fixins and lavender honey and lemon curd as toppings.

[chocolate chip pancakes with honey lavender syrup,
vegan sausage, hash browns, toast and eggs for me!]

Location: 4246 SE Belmont Street Portland, Oregon 97215
Neighborhood: Southeast

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