Saturday, September 1, 2012

My heart belongs in Portland

I've been toying with the idea of moving since my recent trip to Portland and last week I took a short trip to scout some spots to live and search for potential jobs/transfers. My main goal is to be up North by Halloween, but the realistic side of me is only hoping it all falls into place before years end. So, hello my fellow Northwesterners.

Dove Vivi eggplant pizza: mozzarella, blue cheese, roasted eggplant, basil and fresh tomatoes on a cornmeal crust

trout pytt i panna (swedish hash) from Broder Cafe

vegan voodoo doughnut

El Nutri soyrizo and potato chimichangas

the adorable Albina Press

Besaw's salmon and cream cheese scramble with incredible potatoes and toast

sea salt with caramel ribbon ice cream from Salt & Straw

beach day at Cannon Beach!

vegan burger and fries from Boogie's Burgers

floor punch from The Bye and Bye

eastern bowl

some fun with Anthony's hasselblad

the best soda there ever was, butterscotch beer

delicious breakfast burritos from Whole Foods

job hunting

mac-no-cheese from Homegrown food cart... the best vegan mac n cheeze

two popeye rolls and more vegan sushi from Yuki

Ty's Big Breakfast from Jam on Hawthorne: two eggs over veggie sausage patties on an open faced english muffin and smothered in a vegetarian sausage gravy with hash browns on the side

Petunia's vegan salted chocolate chunk cookie-- the softest and most delicious


  1. that's so exciting - i hope everything works out just the way you hope! and i really want to visit portland too :))))

    1. visit me and i'll visit you. i swear on everything i own i'm going to visit chicago within the next year!!!!

  2. Woo woo! Can't wait to welcome you in person to the Northwest. Sending groovy moving and job vibes your way ... XOXOX

    1. how far into washington are you, maybe you can visit me in portland or vice versa!?

    2. I'm in Seattle ... I think it takes about three hours to get down there :) I'd love to come visit you!!

  3. holy shit ainsley, holy shit! this post makes ME want to move to portland as well! can i come with you! oh, and i want your hair too. <3

    1. umm yes please, that sounds like the best time!

  4. I still haven't spent longer than an hour in Portland. I want to take a long weekend trip there and eat all the delicious foods. That ice cream looks SO good. Good luck w/the the job search and finding a place, etc. :)

  5. one of my best friends just moved out there for work and we've been playing with the idea of me moving out there too! maybe i'll run into you ;)

  6. Is it weird I just start drooling half the time when you post? Everything looks so delicious!
    Good luck job hunting!!!