Saturday, October 9, 2010

Babbo Grande

Upon visiting Babbo Grande for their Nutella crepes, I stumbled across vegetarian french onion soup on their menu! This pleases me since I have been searching for a restaurant that has vegetarian french onion soup (as it is normally made with beef broth), and let me tell you, it was all I remember and more!

Babbo Grande has a very wide range of food options from sandwiches, pasta and wonderful appetizers, to a plethora of savory and sweet crepes, frittatas and even a full vegetarian menu!

First we started with fresh mozzarella caprese, then french onion soup, shortly after pesto pasta, and of course, the Nutella crepe!

click photos to make bigger!

I like my caprese with a lot of oil and vinegar

The wonderful French Onion Soup

Pesto Pasta

Nutella crepe

Location: 1731 University Avenue San Diego, California 92103

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