Tuesday, December 21, 2010

127 Hours, rain and polish

I find it funny to watch people in Southern California drive in the rain. It's a little precipitation people, we get it only a handful of times per year! I always sit and laugh when I think to myself "what would these people do in REAL weather?" I guess growing up in Salt Lake all my life has made me a little biased. ;)

Jon and I saw 127 Hours yesterday. I remember hearing about a man cutting off his own arm in Southern Utah years back, so it was interesting to watch a movie about it created years later. Plus, Danny Boyle is an amazing director, I highly recommend. The movie actually almost made me cry, it's amazing what the body can withstand.

After the movie, I dropped Jon off at work and decided to head to the mall to buy nail polish. If you know me, you know I hate the mall. Being only a mile away, before 4pm and rainy outside, here I thought it would be an okay idea... NOT. One mile, multiple detours, three closed streets due to flooding and two freeways later, it only took me 40 minutes! Silly rain.

Here is the nail polish, I couldn't get a good picture, but it looks great on! I don't usually like glitter, but I love red and it's festive so what the hell!


  1. It looks kind of peachy. I like it! Im sad that my nails arent cute anymore because of my clay :(

  2. it's supposed to be red, but since it was cheap it looks like a strawberry! haha. i need to do a layer of real red underneath. miss your face!