Friday, December 3, 2010


Yesterday I received a package from my friend, Jena, the owner/founder of the gourmet toffee company Sweetbricks, based here in San Diego! I looked forward to trying the Oreos cookies n cream toffee, such a good idea and the Oreo to toffee ratio was perfect. Jena also included a package of the pretzels with dark chocolate toffee. Salt on chocolate? Yes, please!

Sweetbricks also offers other specialty toffee and even peppermint white chocolate toffee for the holidays! At $10 per bag, Sweetbricks makes for the perfect stocking stuffer or a treat for your sweet tooth.

Cutest logo!

Oreos cookie n cream

Pretzel with dark chocolate


  1. The pretzel with dark chocolate looks really good.

  2. i usually really dislike chocolate, but there is something about mixing it with salt...

  3. whats the site where i can order??