Monday, December 20, 2010

Movie Mondays!

The holidays are a perfect time to break out those festive movies! Here is a list of my all-time, must see, watch every year, top five movie staples:

Planes Trains and Automobiles, comical, witty, touching and an overall good time. "Larry Bird doesn't do as much ball-handling in one night as you do in an hour!"

How The Grinch Stole Christmas, the cartoon, you just can't remake a classic like this. Last year I saw the musical in San Diego at the Globe Theater, it was awesome. Highly recommend.

A Christmas Story, this was a Christmas Eve standard growing up. "I want a Red Ryder carbine action two-hundred shot range model air rifle, oooh" "You'll shoot your eyeout!"

Christmas Vacation, Chevy Chase, you're so great in everything you do. "Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas. Kiss my ass. Kiss his ass. Kiss your ass. Happy Hanukkah."

Elf, although fairly new, I really make it a point to watch this great film every winter. "Buddy the elf, what's your favorite color?"


  1. Elf is definitely one of my favorites! we watch the christmas story all day long on christmas day... my dad LOVES it! only a couple more days... i cant wait!

  2. I definitely agree with Christmas Vacation. I bought it before December btu told myself to wait till December to watch it. My boyfriend and I had a great time watching it!