Monday, October 17, 2011

Opa's 60th Birthday Disneyland!

My opa is my rock, he was my father figure growing up and everything in a grandpa that a little girl could ask for. To this day we've remained best friends and I take comfort in being able to count on and confide in this special man.

Last Tuesday was the big 6-0 and I wouldn't have missed it for the world! It just so happened that some of my family planned a Disneyland vacation that week so I met up with them for two days.

For his gift I made him a beer sampler from Trader Joe's (Utah doesn't have a Trader Joe's *yet* nor a wide array of beers, so he was excited!)

i know nothing about beers

mid-birthday song at dinner

disney finally made my favorite laptop case in my size!

opa's homemade salsa


  1. a bread bowl of soup and homemade salsa? i'm coming over! ;)
    i love that you called me out on not posting beetlejuice...thank you! haha! that is one of my most fav movies ever...ever!
    p.s. we're in the process of planning a trip to sd soon! maybe even next month! i'll let you know because i would love to try to meet up or something! our good friend (and my bestie's bf) is a reggae dj down there so we always end up going out to atleast one of his nights...i don't know if reggae is your thing, but its always so so fun!

  2. I would love to meet up! Let me know the dates you are thinking and feel free to email me :)

    Also, Beetlejuice doesn't have to be confined to Halloween-time, I watch it all year round, but it's a good one for a Halloween themed movie night!

  3. Awww! Happy birthday, Opa! So fun! I love me some Disneyland and family time :)

  4. holy moly, so many great photos! what a special and fun way to celebrate his birthday! isn't it crazy that your opa is only 60, and my father is 78!?! i hope he lives a good long life.

    oh, and that skeleton mickey pumpkin is the BEST THING EVER! <3