Friday, November 18, 2011

Foodie Friday: Roasted Garlic (and owl-shaped toast!)

I grew up in a family that used a healthy amount of garlic in almost every meal. Nothing has changed and now as an adult I incorporate garlic whenever possible. It's super healthy for you and incredibly tasty. There is so much you can do with garlic and in my opinion, there is never too much!

What you will need:

Full heads of garlic
Extra virgin olive oil
Tin foil
Cookie sheet or muffin pan (optional)


1. Preheat the oven to 400°.

2. Cut off 1/4 inch on top of the bulb, exposing the cloves.

3. Peel away the outermost layers of the garlic skin, leaving the skins of the individual cloves intact.

4. Place individual sheets of tin foil on cookie sheet or in muffin/cupcake pan per head of garlic.

5. Place garlic heads upright and drizzle olive oil over the garlic, making sure they are well coated.

6. Wrap them closed using the excess aluminum foil.

7. Bake for 30 minutes.

Use a fork or your fingers to pull or squeeze the roasted garlic cloves out of their skins. Voila! You can eat as is, spread on warm bread, mix into your favorite dish or mash with a fork and use for cooking. The possibilities are endless!

Look at that clove!

...and here's how I made the fun little owl shaped toast:


  1. two of my favorite things garlic and owls!!! LOVE it!

  2. Roasted garlic has got to be one of the most delicious things ever. My favorite lasagna recipe incorporates two full heads of roasted garlic and tons of bell peppers. I'd never thought of just using them as a spread but I bet it's delicious!

  3. Roasted garlic is so delicious! I kinda want some right now..