Monday, November 7, 2011

link love v.17

Cutest idea while packing your loved one lunch!

All these wonderful bookshelves make me happy.

Using pipe cleaners in place of ribbon? I will definitely be doing this for Christmas.

Loving the colors and DIY decor Melissa put together for her wedding. My favorite part, doughnuts instead of cake and on DIY vinyl record cake stands!

How romantic, fondue for two mug.

These little darlings are super cute for any nursery!

Adorable Wild Things toddler dresses.

It's still fall! There is still time to make these sweet little donut acorns.

Whoa, I guess if you need a good tattoo concealer...

Kaelah's DIY centerpieces are so fun. Small arrangements like this were always my favorite part of being a florist.

Simple DIY Mary-Janes tutorial


  1. The girl that cuts my hair airbrushed away all of her tattoos for her wedding. Her parents asked her to & it made me kinda sad. Her tattoos are fantastic!

  2. that's unfortunate... you get them for a reason, they are part of who you are!

    if i did that, i wouldn't be able to look at my wedding photos the same... so weird!

  3. Thanks so much for mentioned my wedding decor! Love this list. :)


  4. that tattoo concealer is insane!! i can't wait to show that video to danny.

    and oh boy, those little dresses made me wish that malcolm was a little girl! i think that is the first time i have ever thought that too, haha! SO cute!

  5. that video TRIPS me out! i think tattoo concealer is one of the dumbest ideas in the world (unless you have like one you really regret), but holy cow that one actually looks like it works!

    those library pictures are beautiful, my dream home with definitely have a library!
    fun links!

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  7. -Those little dresses just kill me! Nearly too cute to bear.

    -Love that mary jane tutorial.

    -Isn't that tattoo concealer video insane? I can't imagine sitting for as long as he must have. I find the harsh comment threads on videos and articles concerning tattoos so disheartening sometimes, but ignorant and hurtful words are best left ignored most times.