Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sleep Train

For someone who spends a majority of their life in bed (seriously, I'm ultra lazy when I'm not working) I am super excited about my most recent purchase.

The bed I sleep on now I bought 4 years ago, and although the floor model was super comfy, I got it home and hated it. Ikea refused to let me return the mattress since it was taken out of the plastic. How else are you supposed to sleep on it? So for an entire summer I slept in the living room of my apartment on my futon. UGH. That Christmas I got an amazing mattress topper and you couldn't get me out of my (new-ish) bed!

A few years down the road my bed was becoming uncomfortable again. Over the past few months I've bought and tried THREE different mattress toppers (memory foam, memory gel, feather) and this month I finally threw in the towel after countless and unbearable nights of sleep; it was time for a new mattress.

I popped into Sleep Train because my old roommate dragged me along to buy her mattress last year and they left an impression. The guy who helped me today was so nice and very helpful. Luckily there was a price match sale going on and since I did my research they price matched the bed I chose, took off an extra 5%, discounted a chunk of change for opting out of the box spring, threw in a fancy $60 plush latex hypoallergenic pillow I was asking about for $free.99, not to mention a 100 day comfort guarantee, all of this on top of FREE delivery. I'd highly recommend this place if you live in California!

edit // and its here! Marty has fallen in love and won't leave it ♥

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  1. So awesome! My bed is seriously my favorite place on earth. We have a pillowtop Simmons Beautyrest that was bought earlier this year that has totally changed out lives. Our previous mattress was so busted up, I think half the springs were out of place on my boyfriend's side.