Friday, November 30, 2012

Foodie Friday: A N D Cafe

One of the places I was most excited to try the moment I moved to Portland was A N D Cafe. All vegan/vegetarian and full of deliciousness, this cafe was right up my alley. From an adorable menu with cute names for entrees, such as the "hot nest", to the pure aesthetics of the food that came out, this spot is top notch and by far one of my favorite go-to's for brunch in this city.

bennie in a mess: tofu scramble, tomato, spinach, homemade biscuit, hollandaise
[meatloaf benedict in the background]

meatloaf benedict: two eggs poached, walnut "meat"loaf, toast, hollandaise

full nest: 3 nests, veggies, tofu scramble, veg sausage, hollandaise, homemade biscuit

feast waffles stuffed with veggie sausage, potato & vegan mozzarella topped with hazelnut sausage gravy, tofu scramble annnnnd a side of nests

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