Wednesday, January 19, 2011

100th Yelp!

Pretty sure I'm absolutely in love and obsessed with Yelp! I've found so many awesome places by simply searching a topic (ie: open now, sushi, coffee shop, hotels, happy hour, etc.). Every time I go to a new place, I come home excited to write about it. You can find anything from restaurants to hotels, thrift shops to salons. Almost any business, you can't find it here! They have ratings, reviews, photos, addresses, hours... it's really my go-to website.

Yesterday I wrote my 100th review, and it sounds silly, but it was thrilling!

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  1. i love the world post-yelp! weeeee!

  2. We have one of those stickers on our door at City Deli. <3

  3. I always check out yelp reviews before I try a new restaurant or go into a new store. Love it :)