Friday, January 21, 2011

Foodie Friday: Pizzeria Luigi

Pizzeria Luigi is only a few blocks from my house and I drive past it almost daily, don't ask me how I haven't stopped in to get a slice yet!

Today my car was taken into VW to get some problems checked out (oh man, that's a-whole-nother story), so Jon and I were without car. It was a lovely 70 degrees out today so we took a walk down the street to grab a few slices.

Luigi's has an awesome deal, 2 slices and a soda for $6. Can't beat that. Their slices were out of this world; I got an artichoke heart with tomato sauce and a tomato, basil and garlic slice. I don't know what they lace their artichoke hearts with, or maybe they use marinated artichoke hearts, but they were awesome! Jon got a pesto and green olive slice (that looked totally amazing) and cheese.

Pretty sure at this point I can safely say that I am partial to thin crust pizza, so it looks like Luigi's will be seeing me again very soon!

tomato, basil, garlic // artichoke heart, tomato sauce

pesto, green olive // cheese

Location: 2121 El Cajon Blvd. San Diego, California 92104
(between Alabama St & Mississippi St)
North Park


  1. That's so close, we could walk there!!

  2. you must be close to where i live!

  3. Ran into your blog after seeing the link on Sometimes Sweet, and I'm glad I did :) It's fun to see another San Diego blogger's blog, all the same spots I frequent but in a different perspective. I'll be back!

    P.s. Was just as Luigis last week, YUM.

  4. yay, that's awesome! such a small world!

    thanks for visiting :)