Saturday, January 29, 2011

Foodie Friday: Sandwiches

Sorry for the day late post, last night was busy busy, but I'm here with a delicious sandwich from Submarina!

I could eat sandwiches, sammies, sammiches, hoagies, subs, toast, anything with bread and toppings, every single day.

Submarina is a San Diego original, and even though it isn't my favorite place to get a sandwich, they offer a lot of yummy options and SPROUTS; I've been looking for a deli that offers sprouts for some time now, a key ingredient.

This particular gem has pepper jack, cheddar, avocado, sprouts, tomatoes, pickles, tidbit of lettuce, yellow peppers, mustard, mayo, italian dressing, salt and pepper on sliced sourdough.

My other favorite sandwich shops include:

Which Wich (in 20 states!)

Black Bean Patty + veggies

Rubicon Deli (San Diego, CA and Reno, NV)

Rubicon Special [via]

Capriotti's (AZ, CA, NV, FL, IA, WI, DE, PA, MD, NJ, UT)

Vegetarian Cheesesteak


  1. if you ever come to brooklyn you can stop in at my work, boneshakers.... veggie sandwiches galore!!!!

  2. I live right by a which wich! I've never tried it before though ahaha. I usually go to Jimmy John's which has the BEST veggie sandwich ever! That's all I ever get! If you ever come across one, it's the #6! ;)

  3. there is no jimmy john's here in san diego... but there are a few that i've seen in salt lake! maybe i will have to take a gander when i visit in two weeks! thanks for the tip!

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  5. about a year ago the submarina by my house closed. it was one of the only 2 in all of FL. i almost cried! it was my favorite place to get a sub! i do have a jimmy johns by my house and its really good too. submarina is still my number 1 choice but sad to say ill have to head to CA for that now :(

  6. I wish I lived where you live! Those sandwiches look fantastic!

    I'd love to talk with you further! Do you have an email address I can reach you at? Or you can give me a shout at too.

    Hope to hear from you soon!
    Lightlife Team Member