Friday, January 28, 2011

January Favorites

Every month I will be doing a little collage of photos that really inspired me or I truly love looking at.

[click image to make bigger!]

my snowy home, even though i'm not mormon and didn't visit the temple until i was 22 years old :: i heart anything wood :: got the six feet under box set for christmas, obsessed :: galaxy nails, give me pleeeease :: cuddle weather, just that :: gunnar, who also did my thighs :: love the shadow of blinds :: super adorable mickey mouse ring :: jon and i at a photobooth in seattle :: nyc sunrise :: black sphynx baby, one day you will (finally) be mine :: artichokes, duh :: russian nesting dolls, have yet to find my very own set that calls out my name :: my favorite room at the anniversary inn, downtown slc :: jon and i at a hotel in venice beach :: any type of pretty globes

side note: everything without a link I took myself or found via tumblr.
If they are your photos, please leave a comment, as I would love to give credit where it is due :)


  1. cute collage! :) I'm impressed cuz I tried making one earlier this week and failed miserably haha
    the salt lake temple is really pretty in winter. love it

  2. Ooo! I like this idea. The last picture of the globe is my favorite. I looove collecting maps and globes.

  3. love the collage! i really love all the pictures. the galaxy nails and the globe is so pretty for sure! love this!!!