Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fall photos

My goodness, time flies. Where have the past three months gone?!

Every time I do something fun, go somewhere new and exciting or eat pretty much anything I always plan on coming back here and writing about it. It's important to me that I can always look back and remember how life was (I still to this day find myself occasionally logging into livejournal and reading about my adventures...and misadventures). But life happens and I've been so incredibly busy with work and getting ready to go home for the holidays, so here is a little photo round up of the past few months, if only for myself to look back on what it was like living this single life stint in San Diego, before picking up and moving this journey on elsewhere...

December Nights:

obsessed with salt & vinegar chips, like her mama


Space Mountain, on repeat

Die Hard, pool side

5am hotel baths

First, last and only photo taken with my brand new instax camera before accidentally/stupidly leaving it at said hotel of jerks and thieves


  1. It looks like you've had a fun few months! Love the pics. And I love the "A" cup from Anthro. I got those same monogram mugs for my bridesmaids and filled them with little goodies. :)


  2. seriously... any time there is a celebration (birthday, christmas, weddings), i get these mugs... everyone should have one!

  3. This makes me miss Southern California so much.

  4. the only way that cat in a box could be any cuter is if it were a cat in a giant yellow mug. that mug is huge! your anthro mug is pretty awesome, too. i've added one to my christmas wishlist.


  5. oh ainsley, i love every single one of these photos! if you were to leave san diego, where will you go? and i hope you have the best holiday this year at home with your family. <3