Monday, December 19, 2011

link love v.19

Festive nail art, I love the snowflakes!

All I want for Christmas is this nail polish rack in my life.

I kind of really LOVE this hamburger wrapping paper.

Kittens watching ice skating.

Remodeled 14 bedroom Home Alone house for sale at $2.4 million.

Ooo! 10 christmas gifts in a jar, perfect if you still need some cheap/fun/DIY Christmas gift ideas!

If you're all caught up on Christmas, take these 10 desserts in a jar into consideration instead... Yum!

I want to travel with this cute faux leather briefcase pillow.

Eleven silly things you probably believed as a kid.

Ever wonder when certain products go on sale at the grocery store? Here's a guide.

What girls say, this video is hilarious... and true.

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