Friday, March 2, 2012

Foodie Friday: Doomie's Home Cookin'

Finding vegetarian soul food is hard to come by and for years now I've been wanting to try Doomie's. Another prime example of "What the hell were you thinking waiting this long to try this place Ainsley?!". Their entire menu is vegan and chock-full of deliciousness (seriously, I don't think I can die happy until I've tried one of everything)! The Southern Fried Chicken comes highly recommended, so I gave it a whirl. Okay guys, there is an actual fake layer of "skin" under the breaded deep fried goodness; something I have never seen! It's funny how vegetarians get when fake meat starts to truly resemble that of the real thing... this was just as mind blowing as it sounds.

[southern fried chicken and mashed potatoes, added a little bacon to make it my own personalized cowboy griller]

I hear there are always new creations and experiments happening and an entire secret menu is available, some things stay and some don't, this I have to ask about next time.

Our waitress was something else... bright blue hair, eccentric, helpful and totally willing to share her secrets of the Duran Duran Pandora station of choice when I was singing to every. single. song. while I ate.

For dessert there was absolutely no question about getting the vegan crème brûlée. We also had to get a slice of the red velvet cake, why not? The crème brûlée resembled more of a pudding than a custard, but was just as rich as the real thing.

Location: 1253 N Vine Street Hollywood, California 90038
Neighborhood: Hollywood

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