Friday, March 23, 2012

Foodie Friday: Foreign Cinema

During my visit to San Francisco, brunch at Foreign Cinema was a must after Brittney descriptively sold me on their homemade pop tarts. The ambiance was lovely, the menu was creative and the service was excellent; the waitress even promptly refolded our friends napkin and adjusted his chair when he left the table. I loved the industrial chic atmosphere and overall posh vibe Foreign Cinema gave off. We sat in the huge, gorgeous dining room with large windows and open doors letting the sun spill in. This was needless to say one of the fancier restaurants I've been to, but worth every penny. I wish I could have squeezed in the dinner experience on their covered outdoor patio area where a schedule of foreign films are projected onto a giant concrete wall... next time.

Homemade organic strawberry pop tart, so delicious. Definitely trying the apple-pear next time!

Balsamic fried eggs over roasted garlic-potato hash and mixed chicories.



Location: 2534 Mission Street San Francisco, California 94110
Neighborhood: Mission District


  1. wow. This place looks awesome! I would love to come visit you in CA and we can do restaurant, cafe, and boutique tours!! And the ever occasional coffee stops as well :)

    1. You should! I live in Southern California, though... but there are still so many amazing places to eat!

  2. there are definitely some places i never went when i lived in sf and i am kicking myself for it! those eggs look super yummy!