Monday, September 5, 2011

Happiest Place on Earth

These past few weeks have been run around hectic, but I had to take a break for Disneyland before my pass expires next week!

Day maker.

Space Mountain, favorite ride.

Thunder Mountain, close second.

Met the whole gang.

The new Little Mermaid ride was adorable, to say the least.

Kiss the girl.

Matterhorn, the jerkiest ride out there.

Dinner break to Del Taco.

Inappropriate, Disney.

Am I the only person who LOVES the dentist?


Space Mountain, at night.

Fireworks to end a perfect evening.

And you know there was a stop at Cafe Rio!


  1. I love Space Mountain! We went to Disney World last year and waited almost 2 hours for the 2 minutes ride. But it is well worth it.

  2. aww I wanna go!! i've only been when I was 3 and 7 haha. looks like you had a blast!

  3. Larissa, Space Mountain at Disney World is my absolute favorite ride. Totally blows Disneyland out of the water, but as for a total package, Disneyland is where it's at. :)

    Jihee, come back! I'm going on my third year of having an annual pass, if you ever need a tour guide. ;)

  4. That looks like so much fun! I'm going in a couple weeks and am super excited.

  5. Where are you coming from? You're going to have so much fun!!

  6. I need to go to Disneyland next time I visit my family. I get in free and everything but my bf says "once every 5 yrs is enough". He is a fool! I love the photo of you and Sully.

  7. Cool photos! I had to show the inappropriate Disney photo to my hubbie. He's always pointing out inappropriate things in Disney movies, haha.

  8. makes me so jealous, i wanna go back soooo bad! and wait, i thought you were scared of all the coaster rides? now you love them? awesome!

  9. Lauren, I still don't do roller coasters. It took me a few trips to get on Thunder and Space Mtn, but those are my limit haha. Still no coasters in CA Adventure and the only one in Disney I still can't do is Spash Mtn.

  10. so fun!! i was so young the last time i was at disneyland...i have a picture of me and sir john (from the sword and the stone) where he's covering my eyes with his giant paw. i also remember that my uncle got pooed on by a seagull. ha!
    p.s. totally LOVE the dentist!!!

  11. so excited to go to Paris Disney in November!

    And it's not just you, I LOOOOVVEEE the dentist! Everyone thinks I'm insane, but I do. There's something so satisfying about the clinking of the metal mirrors and scrapey things on your teeth as they speak their weird dentist language :D

  12. I love the dentist too. And guh, these photos make me want to visit CA again soooo bad!