Wednesday, September 7, 2011

link love v.14

Using an upcycled pattern pouch as envelopes, super cute idea.

Pencil VS Camera, drawings over photographs, so incredible.

Holy amazingness!! These Hasselback Potatoes with Spinach Cashew Pesto have me drooling at my computer right now.

Good for these parents.

Seven independent coffee roasters.

Apple tea lights? Absolutely perfect for fall.

Thinking of investing in a pair of these. Anyone wear them?

Beautiful oil paintings done by Paul Ferney as part of The Commision Project.

Adorable Mod Podge DIY suitcase!


  1. The Pencil vs. Camera thing is so neat!

    The only thing I hear that sucks about Hunter's is they're really heavy.

  2. ha ha the pencil vs. camera is incredible. i love your last post on disneyland/california adventure.
    and what is your favorite way to eat an artichoke? plain, with butter, or marinated... do you have any other tips?

  3. All of those links are great! Those potatoes look ablolutely delicious, i'm going to have to try and make some. The pencil vs picture thing was totally awesome, I wish I could come up with stuff like that.
    I love the apple lights and the cute suitcase personalization! All great stuff.

  4. i have a pair of knock off Hunter boots, and I HATE THEM! It was a giant waste of $40 (super heavy, barely bend to walk), so I highly recommend investing in the real thing! From my research (I mean internet stalking) everyone who owns them seems to LOVE them, next year they will be mine...
    So let me live vicariously through your rain boot purchase!

  5. Some great links, i just love the pattern pouch one...Amazing!
    Thank you for apple light link love :)

    Zoe x