Thursday, September 22, 2011

Holy Hiatus!

I am terribly sorry for my leave of absence. Foodie Fridays will be back on schedule tomorrow, but in the meantime my best friend was in town and I want to share some of our adventures and my haps as of late!

For the first 10 days this lil lady was kind enough to only allow me to sleep 1-4 hours per night. Rough times for stressed kitties, but luckily is almost back on track and spooning with her mama throughout the night.

Jen is my favorite sushi date so once she landed it was our first stop.

Why are deep fried rolls so good?

Strolling Sherman Heights on the way to a book signing/art gallery.

Guys! This was my first time trying Pho!

Sad panda. Any suggestions? Shoe glue?!

Eating pretzels the size of your face!

For all the Halloween + kitty lovers like myself! Crate and Barrel.

Newfound favorite fish tacos from South Beach Bar and Grille.

My good friend Susan's baby shower was too adorable. So. Many. Babies. I left with baby fever.

Cutest wrapping papers, ever.


Old Town.

My kind of mug.

Virgin margarita.

+ fish and potato tacos.

Cake batter + graham cracker pie crust.

This dip from the Hillcrest Farmers Market.

So happy Bridesmaids is out on DVD! Go pick up a copy!

Hash House quesadilla as a final au revoir!


  1. Ooh use Shoe Goo. I used to buy it when I skateboarded a long time ago (LONG time ago) because my shoes used to always fall apart, and it's like cement for your shoes. It will magically fix them in no time!

    Best friend visits are the best. One of mine moved to Nashville this year but she's coming back for her birthday, to have a costume party. She was born in 1987 and wants everyone to dress as something from that year, and she's chosen the costumes. Our friend Dana is Prozac. I'm Elizabeth Smart :)

  2. Awh poor kitty! Glad she's doing better. I really want to try Hash House!