Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cafe on Park

Cafe on Park is just that, a cafe on Park Boulevard, here in San Diego.

I've been to Cafe on Park twice now and both times it was busy, but there was no wait. Loved the mason jars for glasses and their portions are pretty large in size. I even saw that they have Cap'n Crunch pancakes, whaaaat?! Must try another time.

The first time I went, I got a Grilled Cheese, Avocado & Tomato on sourdough for lunch. I never thought I'd say this, but it was a little too cheesy for my taste.

The last time I opted for the Mexican Hash: jalapenos, tomatoes, onions, potatoes and mozzarella. Minus black beans and tortilla, plus brown bread. It was delicious! What I didn't eat, I took home and ended up eating the rest an hour later anyway.

I suggest if you are on the way to Balboa Park or the Zoo, stop in for a bite to eat.

Location: 3831 Park Boulevard San Diego, California 92103


  1. we just drove past this the other day on the way to the zoo, it looked super busy inside!

  2. ooo! did i spot a drink out of a mason jar? i love that. dunno why.

    hey, have a nice weekend!

  3. Beca, you should try it!

    Kaleena, isn't it adorable?! Super cheap, but super cute!