Saturday, February 26, 2011

what's in my... apartment

Here's a little peek into our apartment, most of these photos were taken back in October. Since then we've added art to the walls, rearranged some things and added a few books and knick knacks to the bookshelves, but you get the idea. Pay no mind to the bit of the clutter.


the kitchen

love the oven!

our fridge

yellow tiled bathroom

as they say on cribs, "where the magic happens"

jon's bike sits along this window

above the computer

the courtyard + a beautiful southern california sunset

thanks for visiting our little family


  1. cute!!
    ps...where is there a photobooth in sd?? i heard waterfront, but where else?

  2. It looks very pretty and cozy. I see virtually NO clutter.

  3. Beca, I haven't found a good photobooth here in San Diego yet! All of these were taken elsewhere. There are two up there from the fair last year, but that's in Del Mar and only happens during the summer. There is another that we took at Balboa Park (in the photography museum), but they are like rectangular and taken digitally--not as much fun!

    Mandi, most of the clutter is around the computer, but I'm glad that I hid it well! ;) Thanks!

  4. :o!!!

    i'm speechless! so adorable.. and clean!

    p.s. i spotted a few things i would want.. like the globe on that end table. yes please!

  5. Aww Love your house! And it's sooo clean too! haha. I love the kitchen!

  6. I really love this post. That skinny black mirror by the door is soo pretty. I also love the fact that you have a Seinfeld poster in your bathroom, it's amazing!

  7. you guys need a 600 disk Blueray DVD Changer!


  8. I have four sets of the 4x4 IKEA shelves (in your bedroom) and they are fantastic. SO well made, functional and easy on the eye. Not to mention at under $150 a set you can't find a more affordable organizational unit!

  9. where did you get the dvd thing in your living room??!@!

  10. we bought it at best buy!

  11. You are so adorable! I love your place, it actually is decorated very similar to mine!

  12. Thank you Kate, from what I have seen, you have great style... great minds think alike? ;)

    You should do an apartment/house post as well!