Friday, February 11, 2011

Foodie Friday: Evergreen Cafe

I've been going to Evergreen for years, it is definitely in my top three favorite vegan restaurants in Salt Lake City. Owned and operated by wonderful Mr. and Mrs. Tu, the sweetest little couple and super friendly to everyone who steps foot inside.

Less than $10 for a meal, it's well worth the food that you will be getting and healthy to boot. My favorite time to go is during lunch, as they serve a la carte options. Entree, brown rice and a spring roll.

My dish of choice is the #4 (fur free nuggets, surrounded by broccoli and served with a house made sauce) and/or #7 (potato, carrots, soybean and curry).

I get Evergreen cravings on a weekly basis and make sure that every time I am in town to grab a bite to eat here!

Location: 755 South State St. Salt Lake City, Utah 84111


  1. before i met danny, he toured all over the country to pretty much every major city, and he has always loved evergreen more than any other vegan restaurant anywhere! it is his absolute favorite. i order #4 and he orders #7! makes me homesick <3

  2. I even tried to Google it, but what is "fur-free"?

  3. Evergreen is closing at the start of summer, Mrs. Tu is moving to California to take care of her sister. =( Better come back soon and get some more while you can!

  4. "fur-free" is just the name of the dish. Everything at Evergreen is vegan.

    And Evergreen is closing???? Noooooo. I've actually been wondering when the sad day wouldfinally come, but that is just too soon!