Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Road Trip: part 1

Salt Lake came and went. I got my car fixed (preventive maintenance) and re-registered, saw my family and close friends, stayed in my favorite room at favorite hotel, finally got my hair cut, ate mass amounts of delicious food, celebrated my brothers 7th birthday, spent Valentines Day in Las Vegas, all while being sick and tired, but it was worth it!


We dropped the kitty off and headed to Las Vegas. Oddly enough, we stopped off the highway somewhere in between at Viva Las Bagels to grab some breakfast.

[salt bagel with jalapeno cream cheese]

[martinelli's apple juice]

[interesting blood splattered looking window sign]

The hotel I got for Jon and I had mirrored ceilings and a bathtub the size of my kitchen!

The plan was to see Penn & Teller, but I was suddenly coming down with something and not feeling well, so we grabbed a bite to eat at Peppers (thanks for the suggestion Vanessa and Rorie)

[vegetarian nachos]

[fish tacos, chipotle sauce=best]

Stopped for the obligatory Bellagio visit.

We climbed into bed early so our sick bodies could rest in preparation for the 6 hour drive to Salt Lake on Wednesday. Not much rest, but we were headed out by 8am.


Stopped for some Dunkin Donuts then drive drive drive.

[favorite part, favorite photo! cedar pocket]

After getting my cars emissions + inspections, we got sushi with my best friend and her boy. Tsunami is my favorite place in Salt Lake to get sushi, highly recommend.


After getting no sleep I was in a sort of dreaming state, but had plans to get lunch with my mom at Meditrina (previously blogged about here).

Then it was time for a 3 month overdue haircut. This is the downside to living 800 miles away from your hair stylist. Luckily she is my best friend and visits me down here in San Diego, but 4 month waits between haircuts are killing me!

Jen's parents live on a farm and have some really cute animals, especially pigs!

For Valentines Day, Jon got us my favorite room at my favorite hotel, The Anniversary Inn (previously blogged about here). We picked up some Cafe Rio take out and watched the Celtics game.

Sultans Palace

[this was our bathtub, no big deal]

[the bed, on top of life size elephants]

Unfortunately at 5am the room next to ours was blaring loud/cheering music (American Idol?), after nearly two hours and having the front desk call/knock on their door, they switched our room. Overall the stay was worth it, but sad that we had to change rooms and go ANOTHER night without sleep.

Treasure Island

*all photos were taken either by Jon or myself

Stay posted for part 2, tomorrow!


  1. best hotels ever! mirrors on the ceiling=hilarious! dragon bathtub=awesome!! Lucky girl.

  2. you should definitely stay at the anniversary inn if you get the chance! my mom actually took me there on a tour seven years and i have been waiting to go and finally jon took me... twice! such an amazing place.

  3. you stayed at the coolest hotels ever! i'm sorry that you were sick for a couple of days, but it looks like you guys had an awesome adventure!

    i'm so jealous, i love road trips!

  4. I love your haircut! I've been thinking of cutting my hair short... & I'll have to try Tsunami! Do you know any good sushi places in LA by any chance? :)

  5. I know how you feel about waiting for haircuts. My friend since elementary school does my hair but she lives 300+ miles away and between work/school, I don't get to go back home often so sometimes I go like 2-6months between hair cuts but it's definitely helping w/growing out my hair.

    Love the Sultan's Palace. I remember when you first blogged about that hotel, I spent an hour looking at all the different rooms. Reminds of the Madonna Inn.

  6. Oh my gosh, this is so awesome! I love your blog! You are too cute.

    Trey and I love going to hotels like these.

  7. Brenda, thank you! I've had an a-line for 5 years now and every time I even think of growing it out, I end up cutting it back to this. I love it so much, you should do it! And sushi in LA... hmmm, I actually don't know of any places, but Yelp is a savior for me!

    M., I've looked at the Madonna Inn and it looks awesome as well! My goal is to stay at as many rooms possible at the Anniversary Inn.

    Kate, thanks doll! Aren't they fun?! :)