Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Laptop Input

I've been contemplating a new laptop for some time now. I currently have an HP laptop that I love, but the internal battery has given up on me and I'm over having to sit in a certain position with my chord plugged in, not moving, just so my battery won't fail me. It's been sitting in my closet for a year now, with so many photos and my life before moving to San Diego...

For about a year now, I've been using Jon's 24" iMac and after the frustrations of getting used to it and learning all the short keys, I've grown to actually LIKE Apple (if you know me, you know the major trouble I've had with Apple products in my past).

So here's the deal, I'm looking into something good for simple photo editing, webcam included, lots of memory, fast internet and being able to have multiple windows/programs open without freezing. Of course it would be nice to save some money, but if I can buy something I will use a lot and truly love, then it's worth it! I'd love to hear all pros/cons. Thanks guys!


  1. I was going to get a mac but Im so glad I didn't. My friend talked me out of it because the only reason I wanted it because I loved the idea of having a Mac...

    I ended up getting a Sony VAIO and it was the best decision ever. I have a MILLION windows up all the time with Photoshop, itunes, Movies, downloads, all these programs going on a once and it's never failed me. And not to mention the gazillion photos I have on it... So yes. :D that's my recommendation!

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  3. I have a MAC and got it a few months ago. I've been wanting one since I went through like 3 PCS in 3 yrs. Mines a MacBook Pro refurb and it worked great for awhile but now the right click can be really stubborn which is really annoying and I haven't had a problem like that with my PCs and I've heard a few people w/macs complain about this problem. I think when this one kicks the bucket, I might just go back to a PC.

  4. Jihee, thanks for the input! This actually really sways my view (as I was seriously considering getting a mac). I will have to look into Sony's. Do you know which model you have?

    M., that is really frustrating about the right click button! If I bught a mac, I would buy brand new. My ex-boyfriend bought a refurbished laptop and it worked great at first, but then I swear the moment the one year warranty was up it started having problems.

  5. Yeah, I've had a few refurb laptops and they all bite the dust within a year! I don't think I've actually had a "new" laptop. My boyfriend is all about computers (he's going to school for computer science) and he refuses to buy Macs, he's all about pcs. He loves Acer and always recommends them to his friends. So you might want to check those out too! Or just cruise Fry's or something or look up reviews online, that always helps too. Good luck!

  6. I have had both a Mac and a PC. I have a Mac right now and I really love it. It literally never gives me any trouble. It's really user friendly, I don't have to worry about downloading a bunch of virus protection, and it's really sturdy (not to mention adorable). The downside is that Macs are REALLLLY expensive, as I'm sure you know. Before this I used a hand-me-down Sony Vaio from my dad and loved it. He's used VAIO's for years and keeps buying them because they're quality machines. So really you could go either way and end up with a great computer :)