Monday, February 7, 2011

link love v.1

Being a barista, it's always fun to make latte art, art in my coffee is a cute website where you can submit your own photos and look at others!

I've been fantasizing over these galaxy leggings from Black Milk.

Also any of these glasses and this watch... made from wood? Yes, please!

TasteSpotting is a great place to look at inspiration for dinner or overall well-taken photographs of food.

This vegan mini donuts recipe looks like so much fun!

Do you want to look at amazing houses with awesome interior AND exterior design (with some silly underlying jokes)? Visit Unhappy Hipsters.

I cannot wait for artichokes to come back into season so I can make my own version of these large stuffed artichokes.

Natalie Dee is a daily link for this lady. I've looked through every comic (updated once daily) since she started in 2004!


  1. i LOVE those leggings!! they have a lot of cute leggings and swimsuits, and you are making me want stuffed artichokes SO BAD, haha. yum!!

  2. Love Black Milk. I've been eyeing their swimsuits for awhile now.

  3. I want everything from Black Milk, it sucks that everything is so expensive or I would take one of (almost) everything!

  4. those donuts look so yummy!!!so many good links in this post!

  5. AH I love everything! I lovvvve tastespotting it's so amazing. I can be on there for hours!!! AHH those leggings are fabulous!!