Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Jon’s sister is in town from Massachusetts for the week and we've made sure to feed her right. This is her first time in California and since Fitchburg is such an itty bitty town just outside of Boston, she has been very impressed thus far.

Emily has been vegetarian since elementary school so it’s been a pleasure being able to take our guest to ALL the places I like to eat and not have to worry if they sell meat or “something they can eat”. She has never been out for hibachi (aka teppanyaki), so Benihana was the perfect place for a good show and awesome food!

Since I’ve been going to Benihana for many, many years, I’ve somewhere along the line signed up for their Chef’s Club and every year I get a wonderful $30 gift certificate for my Birthday.

miso soup, the absolute best fried rice ever and Japanese salad

emily and my favorite… the onion volcano!

spicy tofu steak, salmon tsutsumi-yaki and hibachi veggies

birthday dessert

Oh yeah! and the cutest, most talkative and friendly lady was sitting next to us. She looked familiar and it wasn't until they were leaving that she mentioned being an Aveda salon owner. Turns out she interviewed me twice for a receptionist position at her salon! I'm going to be a creep and email her… new friends? Haha

Location: 477 Camino Del Rio South San Diego, California 94115
+ all over the country!


  1. yes, email her! that is too funny. sometimes i think those things happen for a reason.

    benihana is delish. the owners of it actually rent a corporate office in my building! we get free noodle dishes at times.

  2. I just went to the Benihana website and signed up for that coupon! My birthday is this month! Thanks for sharing the pics from your night!

    You Are My Favorite

  3. Athena, that's awesome! I wish they were in my building! Haha. Their fried rice is seriously my favorite. Where do you live, anyway?

    Brittany, yay! It's so awesome of them to offer $30!

  4. That dessert looks sooo delicious! :) Craving for ice cream now!

    <3 Belly B

  5. I went to benihana for my 18th birthday with my Dad & stepmom. It was so good!

  6. I get the birthday thing too! I love it. They have such good sushi and their pina colada is delicious.

  7. oooh yum! your blog is soo delicious hehe. thank you for commenting on my tattoo feature! just wanted to pop by and say hello xox i am adding you to my blog list!

    love donna :)