Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Oh, Jeffrey Campbell

So I've been on the eternal search for the perfect wedge ankle booties, I mean I've looked everywhere... and for months.

A couple weeks ago I found these on Urban Outfitters website. I flip flopped between buying them, looked at a million other sites and came to the conclusion that since my birthday was coming up, I've been waiting to own my very first pair of Campbells, oh and they were the perfect lace up wedge, I went for it. Even though I wear a 5.5, all the reviews said they ran small, so I nabbed the smallest size they had, a 6.

After having a horrific nightmare experience through UPS, I rerouted the shipment to my work and got them today! I tore through the box and they were even more beautiful in person. I ran in the back to try them on and to my surprise, they were too big! I walked around in hopes they would magically fit right, but alas I'm leaning toward "not working out". Womp Womp. I still wanted to share them here for you all to appreciate the beauty of them with me ::sigh::

BUT I'm still considering buying bought these before I give up all hope. I was wondering if any of you ladies have had experience with buying shoes on eBay from another country? I'm aware that they will take a bit longer to get here (as they are coming from Hong Kong or South Korea) and they are listed in USA sizes, but I'm not entirely sure if they will match up right to ours. Any suggestions or comments?


  1. They tend to run smaller (shit from hong kong / s. korea).

    Those Campbell's are a dream, bummer they didn't fit! I've been wanting a pair of Campbell's for days too but I can't justify the price.

  2. trust me, i have the worst buyers remorse of anyone i've ever met. it's so bad, i can never justify anything and i always take everything back! haha

    thanks for the input about them running smaller. i've only ever noticed that a 36 at h&m are too big (which is apparently a 6, so that would make sense), i guess i'm a size 35 (which equals USA's 5)?

  3. Aah, that's sucky. I have yet to buy shoes online. I think maybe your experience is one of the reasons why. I would be devastated if I built up my hopes and they were dashed after an intense waiting period. But, I must admit, those wedge ankle boots do look cool ;)

  4. i've never bought shoes online that i haven't at least went into the store and tried on first. it was a gamble, but i just had to take it. i'm not gonna lie though, i had a suspicion in the back of my mind that they may not fit... i just pushed it far far back. haha