Friday, May 13, 2011

Foodie Friday: Veggie Grill

I think Jon and I are the only people I know that would drive 200 miles just to get Veggie Grill for lunch. Since his sister is visiting, that was reason enough to make the trek to Irvine yesterday. Luckily I received my free Birthday meal postcard in time, which was an added bonus.

VG is an all vegan, healthy option to all of your favorite burgers, salads, sandwiches, wraps and comfort food. Recently VG announced their new buffalo wings (not yet on the menu) and it is was my first time trying them. Hands down my new favorite appetizer. If you have a VG near you, unfortunately only in the LA area for now, be absolutely positive to get these as an appetizer.

Before we left Orange County, it was necessary to stop at a nearby mall that we knew had a Mrs. Fields and carried my favorite cookie, butter toffee. It's nostalgic for me, as my mom used to always buy me a cookie when we would go shopping. Cherry on top to our awesome day.

santa fe crispy chickin' sandwich with tomato, grilled onion, avocado mix and spicy vegan mayo with a side of chili

uptown nachos, (off the menu) buffalo wings and jon's plain santa fe sandwich


  1. Your blog is making me hungry, as usual.

  2. I LOVE Veggie Grill. It is so good. I love going to the one in El Segundo when I visit my family. I wish they would bring it to Northern California. One day... A friend of mine from up here just drove the 6 hrs down south just because she was craving it. haha It really is that good, though! I love their mac and cheese.

  3. mmm mac n crack, as i like to call it

  4. cookies and yummy vegan food? We could be best friends.

  5. one time, years ago when i first started working at the blue boutique, i totally sold mrs. fields a whip and a pair of stiletto's! true story! that rich lady is a freak! bwahahaha! <3

  6. that's so awesome lauren! now i will probably think about that every time i buy mrs. fields cookies! ;) hahaha