Wednesday, May 18, 2011

teal seal

It was no surprise being Emily's first visit to California that a trip to the beach was in order. We strolled Garnet, a little strip of shops and boutiques along Pacific Beach, and to my surprise I found a pair of ankle booties (you know, the ones I've been in search of for months now?) at the first store we stopped in. Even though I have a pair of lace up ankle booties coming from Hong Kong, I couldn't pass these up at a whopping $8!

shirt: some $5 t-shirt store
necklace: c/o blessed bee
shorts: urban outfitters
tights: express
shoes: thrifted
purse: fred perry
sunnies: no names from a shop in old town
rings: tooth ring//necromance & gold ring//cotton on
polish: jade by forever 21

I was baffled when Jon's sister told me she had never had an acai bowl, even while living in Brazil for 3 years; home of this delicious berry. I knew right away that we would have to introduce her to these splendiferous bowls of tastiness so we took her to The Big Squeeze, right on Garnet.

Seal Beach in La Jolla is a must see for all my guests, it's serene and beautiful, not to mention covered in adorable seals! They usually migrate onto the sandy beaches, but this time were laying right out in the ocean.

[via jon + instagram]


  1. Love your new ankle booties. Your outfit is super cute and really pops with those tights!

    I can't wait until it really gets warm here in So Cali!! I'm done with this rain right now!

  2. Yeah, its raining in San Diego as we speak! But I kind of like it... Its nice and cool and pretty soon its going to be unbearably hot!

  3. Super cute outfit, you look gorgeous! Im so happy my necklace went to such a good home.

    Zoe xx

  4. The booties are cute! love the jewelry too. I want an acai bowl! Cute photos of the beach too.

  5. How fun! Your new ankle boots are rad. Your nail polish is too. :)


  6. Booties for $8! Great deal indeed.

    You look so pretty. Lovely pictures.

  7. What a fun day! That beach is beautiful.