Monday, May 2, 2011

link love v.7

This shoe collection is incredible, I want!

Learn to build and repurpose furniture or even get inspiration from Ikea Hackers, like this door mat.

Bahahaha I love this creative USB Tampon.

Whoa, these efficient small kitchens kind of make me claustrophobic, but very organized and stylish nonetheless.

Gotta love Tina Fey.

How neat would it have been to have this realistic dinosaur puppet come to your school.

These 8 insane resumes are hilarious.

Sooo many cute updos via renee's blog.

Look out for these Easy Baked Artichokes, coming to my little artichoke very very soon!

This lady kills me with that voice and this rap; Karmin covering Chris Brown - Look At Me Now.


  1. The USB tampon is killing me.. haha!

  2. holy shit. that cover was amazing. so good.

  3. That's the most amazing video i've seen all year! she's so good in all these covers!