Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Date Day with Beca

It's been a minute since I met up with any internet friends, but after months of talking about it, fellow blogger Beca (some of you might know her better as tumbleweeds) and myself finally met and had a lovely day out.

Beca surprised me with wonderful princess gifts for my birthday!

A globe to add to my collection

Two beautiful vintage taxidermy butterfly plates (more of the set here)

And the sweetheart made me almond-less biscotti, since she noticed I've been on the hunt for these delectable treats without almonds! (note: if looking for almond-less biscotti, you're better off making them because nowhere sells them!)

pronounced "biss-coat-ee" ;)

First we got an early dinner from from RK Cafe Sushi

edamames! pronounced "ed-uh-mommies" ;)

himachi special roll, pink roll, philadelphia roll, california roll

this character saw i had my camera and had to have his picture taken

...then brought this out, on the house


Then we went antique shopping, no pictures, but some goodies coming to tumbleweeds etsy soon!

I just had to take Beca out for shaved ice, one of my favorite summertime treats!

What a fun day, I wish I could do stuff like this more often. Thank you again Beca!


  1. It looks like we had an awesome time (because we did!!), except when that dude put that shit on my head. I look bummed. hahaha.
    you're the best. let's do this again soooooon!

  2. that was so awkward! but i had a great time and thanks again for all the lovely presents :)

  3. What an absolutely sweet thing for someone to do. Sounds like a wonderful day.

    Hugs and happy birthday!
    You Are My Favorite

  4. sushi and the snow cone looks super yummy!

  5. Looks like a lot of fun! I was going to suggest you bake some of your own (biscotti since you couldn't find any w/o nuts) but looks like someone did it for you! :) Happy Birthday.

  6. Would it be weird to say that I live like half a block away from RK Sushi? Lol. 'love your blog! -ardee

  7. no way, that's awesome! love that area!