Sunday, May 22, 2011

Saturday Adventures

Saturdays are becoming my new favorite day off. I've already had two this month and next weekend Jon and I will be in Vegas.

shirt: v-generation
pants: forever 21
belt: cotton on
shoes: vans
purse: fred perry
ring: thrifted
polish: charcoal by forever 21

Yesterday we went to the Oceanside Swap Meet on the way to Orange County. We got there a little late so a lot of the vendors were packed up and heading out, but we stumbled upon some rad abandoned kiddie rides.

Then we met my good friend Ashlee in Costa Mesa to have lunch and without question introduce her to Cafe Rio. We spotted a cute little bakery in the same complex to grab dessert. French's Bakery had a french toast cupcake that I was eager to try until I saw a piece of bacon laying on top, but I got the caramel apple cupcake instead and it was deeeee-licious!

We killed some time before heading to Anaheim for Torch Tattoo's one year party and art show. They hired a pianist who had worked at Disneyland for 30 years! It's official, if I ever marry, I want this guy there. The party was a success with a great turn out, not to mention some beautiful art (that I wish I could afford).


  1. i think you need to recreate that caramel apple cupcake. amazingness.

  2. fun!
    oh, and i so "know" ashlee! we've been facebook friends for years. awesome, i know. hah!

  3. i linked you in my new post!

  4. Jesse, that is a great idea! I already love making (and eating) apple pie!! mmm

    Renee, that's crazy that you know Ashlee! She has been a good friend of mine for 6 years! Love that girl. Oh, and thanks for the shout out on your blog :)

  5. ooh i miss cafe rio! i used to live in utah and was craving it so bad the other day!