Wednesday, August 24, 2011

link love v.13

Really cool switcheroo photos.

Hi, who wants to dress up as THIS with me for Halloween?!

I've always wondered but never sought out a way to remove the navigation bar on my blog, Liz shows you how.

Deep dish cookies? Yes, please.

These split family faces are incredible! I want one of my mom and I.

Make your own crayons, what a fun project!

Adorable and easy instagram wall photo display, something I'll definitely be doing for my new place!

Best. Roommate. Ever., super hilarious.

Looking for a slice of pizza in Manhattan? You have quite a few options.


  1. i am totally cracking up at these! that beetlejuice costume is uh-ma-zing!! let's do it : ) and what a selection of pizza places in NYC, how do they all survive? xo

  2. That guy seems like the best freakin roommate ever.