Wednesday, August 3, 2011

link love v.12

Since I've been sick in bed with nothing really going on other than movies, soup and scouring the internet, this link love has become a bit lengthy, but I promise it's chock-full of awesomeness!

I would very much like this ink calendar. The ink slowly colors each day of the month as time passes by, incredible.

Yummy vegan pesto recipe.

Hairstyles for hot summer weather. Want. Long. Hair.

Joanna's entry and an article on How to talk to little girls.

Holy cow, DIY cheese kits?! What a creative and fun idea.

Aww, book shelves.

I'm so jealous of Kaelah's "closet".

Following The Nearsighted Owl is so much fun, love her blog! Right now you can hop on over to The Dainty Squid to win FIVE of her adorable animal doodles.

I've been seeing a lot more water marbled nails and it is intriguing me was a very frustrating experience. Maybe yours will be better?

Charming mason jar lights make me yearn for a little house with a yard and wooden fence lined with these babies.

Still on the hunt for a laptop case to house my macbook, Fjall Raven caught my eye, but where are all the 13"??

I love these organic cotton map pillows, how neat!

Cones, cones, pick your favorite ice cream cone! I would like to try pretzel, please.

Why is this darling cat print dress sold already?! Whyyyyy???

Kaylah always has the most amazing nails, but check out this cute and easy triangle nail tutorial.


  1. I did the triangle nail and it was way too much fun!

  2. I thought the marbled nails were impossible and frustrating, too! my water must not have been the right temp. it kept "drying" and filming on the water, resulting in it peeling off my nail and dying my skin rainbow colors. fail.

  3. i love my f raven. it's better than most of my higher end bags!

  4. What is with the late summer sickness? It's tackled me, too. Ugh.

    Loving those mason jar lights...

  5. Diana, did you buy your bag online?