Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bronchitis, please leave

The past week has been a rough one. After 5 days of riding out all the stages of flu, allergies, a cold and dry coughing my lungs out, I finally threw in the towel and went to the doctors yesterday. If you know me, you know I hate doctors; getting the runaround, being misdiagnosed in the past, having problems with medication (which I try to stay away from at all costs) and dealing with some serious dumb doctors and nurses, but after losing full nights of sleep, coughing until I couldn't breathe with tears running down my face and not having an appetite or hardly eating for almost a week, it was time.

I was diagnosed with Bronchitis. Doesn't sound all that bad, but when you have allergies and work 7 days a week, it catches up. So here I am, bedridden for who knows how long. The medication I've been put on will more than likely cause a yeast infection, my doctor says, so I've been downing yogurt (my enemy) like there is no tomorrow. I gag at the smell, taste and overall texture of yogurt, so this has been a real feat for me. As for side effects, I've broken my stride of not vomiting in this apartment. Not only have I gone 17 months in this place without (over 2 years total!), my body has managed to pay me back ten fold. Oof.

And let me just say that this new Doctor was nice, but there was a HUGE miscommunication between the hospital and the pharmacy which took SIX calls to each and almost a mental breakdown in order for me to get my prescription, 9 hours later.

Alright back to sleeping, forever.


  1. Be well, sweet Ainsley! Also, your reply of "creamy" makes me very happy to be your friend :)

  2. Aww... feel better soon. Bronchitis is the pits! I've had it before :( Rest lots buddy!

  3. Aw, over an artichoke farm! Hope you're feeling better soon.

  4. oh ainsley, so sad that you aren't feeling well. i hope it passes soon. (sorry, i'm way behind on reading blogs this week) <3