Friday, March 4, 2011

Foodie Friday: Sweet & Sara

Sweet & Sara is the original manufacturer who magically created a 100% gelatin-free marshmallow!

For a few years now I've been running down the street to a little shop called All Vegan whenever I'm craving a veg-friendly smore. These little delectable treats are so fantastic and taste even better than actual marshmallow!

Jon has been using Groupon (I haven't become a member myself...yet) and when I heard about a $7 for $15 sale to Sweet & Sara, I was all over it; I simply cannot live without peanut butter smores in my life.

Sweet & Sara also offers Rice Crispy Treats, Biscotti, Macaroons and all sorts of marshmallow flavors. Plus, everything is vegan! Check out the shop here.


  1. i never realized marshmallows had animal products in them. gross.

  2. I've been wanting to try vegan s'mores but I love doing it the old fashion way. There's tons of stores on Etsy that sell flavored marshmallows like mint, mocha, etc and I think it would be so fun to buy a variety and have a s'mores party.

    Those lil all in one s'mores treats look so good. Can you order her stuff online?

  3. Liz, yes, normal marshmallows have gelatin, a protein obtained from animal tissues such as skin and bone.

    Megan, you can buy gelatin-free marshmallows and use them just as you would with real marshmallows. I make smores, campfire style, but with gelatin-free marshies, so good! And you can buy sweet and sara's here: -- there's also a link at the end of the entry (you can also buy other brands in health food stores or vegan boutiques) ...i'll have to check out etsy!

  4. Interesting post!
    Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
    Thank you so much!

  5. She even has flavored ones! Awesome. Thank you :)

  6. i am just now flipping through your archives...we LOVE those peanut butter smores! why is california so big? we should live much closer so we can eat food together!

  7. i totally wish we lived closer, i need more friends! and anyone who eats as much as i do, is a friend of mine ;) hahaha.

    come visit socal!