Sunday, March 20, 2011

Señor Mango's

I was really craving an acai bowl for breakfast and when I yelped "acai bowl" in bed, Señor Mango's was the first to come up. Since it had a lot of good reviews and was just a few blocks from my house, I figured it was the best option.

Their acai bowl was a great size for exactly $5. Blended strawberries, bananas, and acai berries topped with granola, strawberries and bananas. I even had the lady add a bit of honey on top, my favorite!

Isn't it cute inside?

Locations: 4607 30th St. San Diego, California 92116
200 W El. Norte Parkway Escondido, California 92026


  1. wow. every time i read your blog i want to move to california. i live in a smaller city and though we have some co-ops and vegetarian/vegan cafes it's nothing like that.

  2. Liz, where do you live? I've been fortunate enough to live in two great cities with awesome options everywhere! (San Diego and believe it or not, Salt Lake City). I make sure when I travel to really do my research though!

  3. looks cute, haven't been there yet. You're the best food guide for a new san diegoan. (is that even a word? haha)

  4. Beca, that reminds me of Anchor Man... San Diego-ian? San Diego-onite? San Diegan? haha!