Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tender Greens

The first time I visited Tender Greens was about a year ago. A local gluten-intolerant friend recommended them for a good salad. Since it's close to my work, I had suggested to another friend who was in town that we stop in for a bite to eat before work. Since then, I've been back numerous times and it's always just as good as the last.

Basically their menu is broken down into two sections: a big salad or "hot stuff". The list of salads is long and they all sound very big a very tasty. I've always opted for the "hot stuff" since it comes with a simple salad anyway. First, you choose your meat (flank steak, salt and pepper or bbq chicken, herb brushed local albacore or oxnard vegetables). Then you either place it on hot plate or sandwich, both come with a simple salad. All of the entrees, no matter the combination, are $10.50.

The potatoes that come with the hot plates are out of this world, yukon gold mashed potatoes mashed and spiced to perfection.

herb brushed local albacore hot plate + bread + baby arugula simple salad + yukon gold mashed potatoes

albacore sandwich on ciabatta with roasted red peppers and aioli + romaine hearts simple salad

vegetable sandwich on ciabatta with roasted vegetables and aioli + romaine hearts a simple salad

I didn't really touch the subject, but Tender Greens has the cutest atmosphere, definitely classy with high vaulted ceilings, big windows and modern furnishings.

Locations: 2400 Historic Decatur Road San Diego, California 92101
Point Loma
Also located in Culver City, Pasadena, Santa Monica, Walnut Creek, West Hollywood and Hollywood


  1. Thanks for going with me, Schmainsley.

  2. Mmm, if I lived close to this place, I'd be in there all the time too. It's hard to find places with gluten free menu items.

    Have a great day girly!

  3. This looks like a great place! I love the flowers!